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Emma Frankland in Rituals for Change. Image: courtesy of Emma Frankland

Performing Arts Micro Bursaries

The Performing Arts Micro Bursaries support independent artists and producers with awards of between £250 and £1,000. We are interested in proposals for development activities in the performing arts where a clear and specific learning opportunity has been identified. This could be for the making of new work, research, travel, training or mentoring.

The awards are for individuals who have been practicing professionally for no more than 10 years, have completed their formal education and are resident in the UK. We cannot accept applications for course fees or any associated study or living costs.

This fund has been created using legacy funds from the BBC Performing Arts Fund to provide individuals with direct support for their professional and creative development, without the expectation of an specific product output and/or public engagement. Grants are awarded in two rounds, the deadline for this second round is 9 January 2018. The fund is now open for applications.

The BBC Performing Arts Fund existed to support emerging talent across the performing arts sector. The Fund awarded over £5m during the 12 years of its operation. On the Fund’s closure in 2016, and in line with its Charitable Deed of Trust, part of the remaining funds were transferred to Jerwood Charitable Foundation in order to continue its work in nurturing talent.

Artists awarded bursaries in the first round of the Performing Arts Micro Bursaries were: Lucy Bradley, Ira Brand, Roxanne Carney, Rachael Clerke, Liz Counsell, Marivi da Silva, Daisy Douglas, Philip Douglas, Ellie Dubois, Helen Edwards, Sarah Emmott, Matthew Evans, Emma Frankland, Ruth Holdsworth, Vanessa Kisuule, Davide Levi, Zara McFarlane, Ronan McMahon, Nathan Penlington, Joshua Pharo, Lee Reynolds, Arron Sparks, Melanie Spencer, Xi Nan and Cécile Trémolières.

How to apply

The Performing Arts Micro Bursaries are open for application until 5pm on 9 January 2018. There is no application fee.

Who can apply?

  • Independent artists, makers and producers working in the performing arts. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals working as musicians, composers, directors, writers, choreographers, theatre designers, producers and/or performance makers
  • Individuals who have been practicing professionally for no more than 10 years

We are able to support:

  • Research costs for a new artistic idea or collaboration
  • The cost of testing out new ideas and experimenting
  • Mentoring, coaching or professional training
  • Attendance at festivals/conferences/symposia
  • Travel costs associated with research or professional development opportunities

We are not able to support:

  • Projects that do not have a predominantly performing arts focus
  • Projects simply seeking match funding, or which are conceived of as a small part of a larger grant application or project
  • Projects which already have a performance outcome identified and/or programmed
  • Applications from or for the benefit of performing arts companies or their programmes
  • Anyone not resident in the UK
  • Applications from anyone who is still in full time education or vocational training
  • Rehearsal, production or touring costs
  • General course fees or associated costs of formal education
  • Applications solely for the purpose of purchasing equipment or materials
  • Retrospective activity (i.e. activity that has or will have already taken place before the end of the decision making process). Eligible activity must not begin before 1 March 2018

Selection process

The selectors are: Nikki Tomlinson, Lead Artist Advisor, Artsadmin, and Independent Producer; Soweto Kinch, Alto-Saxophonist and MC; and Jon Opie, Deputy Director, Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Applications will be assessed on:

  • Meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • The potential of the activity you have identified to impact positively on your practice/career.
  • The need for the activity – would it happen otherwise?
  • Your ability to manage and make a success of the activity.

Please note that activity requested to be supported cannot commence before 1 March 2018

All applicants will be informed of the outcome by week commencing 26 February 2018. We regret that we are not able to offer detailed feedback should your application be unsuccessful.

Make an application

Step one

Please prepare an artist CV (max 2 pages), a statement about your practice (max 500 words) and an outline budget and save together as a single PDF. Title your file: Last Name, First Name, PAMB.

In your statement please include the following:

  • An introduction to you and your practice
  • What the developmental opportunity you want to undertake is and when will it take place
  • What you hope to achieve, and how you will go about it
  • Why it is important for your personal and/or professional development
  • A budget showing much money you need and what it would be used for. It is not necessary for there to be any other funding, but if there are other finances being used towards the activity please state what they are

In the same PDF as your artist CV and statement, you may also include up to three web links to examples of your work. These may contain images, sound files or video links but we will not view artist websites as a whole. If a video or sound link is password protected, please use the password JMICRO. Please note we will not commit to viewing footage/audio of more than five minutes per application.

Step Two

Submit your application below.