Jerwood/Avron Mentoring Scheme

Since 1968, Arvon has been offering people time and space to write, with  an annual programme of residential courses and retreats  at  three rural writing houses – in Devon, Shropshire and Yorkshire. Its courses are tutored by some of the most acclaimed authors writing today.

The Jerwood/Arvon Mentoring Scheme offers a year’s mentoring support to twelve emerging writers per year, from poetry, prose and playwriting. The mentors are established writers who can offer professional advice and support. Each year excerpts of each writer’s work are collated into an anthology which is published in June.

This year’s poets, novelists and playwrights were chosen from nearly 200 applicants, and will be supported for one year by three successful and established writers. In 2017/18, playwright Tim Crouch will mentor Rachel Burns, Maeve Clarke, Russ Davies and Laurie Ogden. Poet Pascale Petit will mentor Romalyn Ante, Alice Hiller, Seraphima Kennedy and Yvonne Reddick. Novelist Jacob Ross will mentor Jo Clayton, Martin Kidd, Jemma Picken and Abbie Salter.

Video above directed by Sasha Hoare/ if:Book