• Shonagh Manson
    Shonagh Manson Director, Monday-Friday
  • Jon Opie
    Jon Opie General Manager, Monday-Friday For finance and funding queries including current grant holders
  • Alexis Stevens
    Alexis Stevens Communications Manager, Monday-Wednesday For press enquiries and sign off on grant-holder communications activity
  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams Head of Programme, Jerwood Visual Arts, Monday-Thursday For all Jerwood Visual Arts programme enquiries
  • Kate Danielson
    Kate Danielson Director, Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries For all Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries enquiries
  • Bridget Bell
    Bridget Bell Administrator, Tuesday and Friday First port of call for application queries
  • Joy Francis
    Joy Francis Project Manager, Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowships For all Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowships enquiries


  • Tim Eyles
    Tim Eyles Chairman
  • Julia Wharton
    Julia Wharton
  • Rupert Tyler
    Rupert Tyler
  • Philippa Hogan-Hern
    Philippa Hogan-Hern
  • Katharine Goodison
    Katharine Goodison
  • Thomas Grieve
    Thomas Grieve
  • Phyllida Earle
    Phyllida Earle
  • Lucy Ash
    Lucy Ash